IWCSN 2014

Abstract and motivation

Online social networks are still growing rapidly. Besides their social characteristics these networks have their own specific features at the system level. Techniques of information retrieval, databases, preference modeling, graph theory, etc. are integrated there and adapted into dynamic environment with high scalability. International Workshop on Computational Social Networks will be focused on the foundations of social networks as well as case studies, empirical, and other methodological works related to the computational tools for the automatic discovery of Web-based social networks. This workshop provides an opportunity to compare and contrast the ethological approach to social behavior in animals (including the study of animal tracks and learning by members of the same species) with web-based evidence of social interaction, perceptual learning, information granulation, the behavior of humans and affinities between web-based social networks. The main topics cover the design and use of various computational intelligence tools and software, simulations of social networks, representation and analysis of social networks, use of semantic networks in the design and community-based research issues such as knowledge discovery, privacy and protection, and visualization.

Workshop topics

Recommended topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Automatic discovery and analysis of Web based social networks
  • Visualization of social network analysis
  • Social networks and social intelligence
  • Link topology and site hierarchy
  • Virtual and web communities and web site clustering
  • Security, privacy and trust computational analysis of social networks
  • Web-based cooperative work
  • Knowledge community formation and support
  • Intelligent wireless Web
  • Social network analysis and mining of communities of practice
  • Network evolution and growth mechanisms
  • Information diffusion and knowledge transfer in social networks
  • Epidemics and rumors in networks
  • Geographical clusters, networks, and innovation
  • Online communities and computer networks
  • Computational models and agent-based simulations of networks


Accepted papers will be presented at the IWCSN'14 workshop and published in the conference workshops proceedings, which is published in the Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS).